Auto enthusiasts,

Classic and Sportscars was create by two associate first James Oliver Moyses involved in sales and after-sales and the second Julian Zenner dealing with purchases.

We notice more and more that there is a strong demand for transparency and clarity about the origin of second hand vehicles, where the most of the current market dealers do not offer the service you deserve.

Over the years it became an art to make the link between old-timers and the latest techniques used in car technology.

Classic and Sportscars endeavors to offer you a wide range of cars, cars who were checked in every detail and verified through their existence history.

Audited certified and controlled by Vinçotte.

The certification of our business is certainly a very interesting point. It confirms transparency of customer service through a global certification and certify its compliance with industry regulations and requirements: inspection and monitoring of facilities and training of the seller and the advice given.

Certification is synonymous with regular checks and is a true source of quality and respect for consumers.

We also label quality and certification AGREED AND OFFICIAL FEDERAUTO SELLER.

We are at your service for any questions regarding our service or range of luxury cars.

Our goal is to share the passion we have for automobile and help make your dream come true.

James-Oliver Moyses et Julian Zenner